Celebrating 25 Years of "Information Age" trilogy. A round table

A semi-virtual roundtable to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication of the first volume of Manuel Castells' The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture. Castells, Professor of Sociology at the UOC, gave the opening lecture.

My contribution starts at 01:49:50. In it, I draw parallels between our current systemic blockages preventing necessary (ecological) transformations and those of the late Soviet Union blocking the adaption to informationalism. This argument is worked out more fully here.
My review of the trilogy from 1998 is here.

Michael Taussig, The Revenge of the Sirens

Update: Over at is the full video documentation of the event. Well worth the time.

Taussig, IITaussig, II

The Revenge of the Sirens – Michael Taussig
Postscript on Nervous Digital Systems 12. February 2020 19:30

A Tale of Meltdown & the Metamorphic Sublime in four acts, the stage being a shadow on the wall, the shadow of the past meeting the future as dialectical image. Performance by Michael Taussig. Presented by World-Information Institute at rhiz –

Was neu ist, nervt, von Katrin Passig und Felix Stalder

09.06.2018 | 55 Min. | Quelle: Deutschlandfunk Nova

Neue App, neue Smartwatch, neuer Sprachassistent - manche von uns begeistern sich für jede technische Entwicklung. Aber dann gibt es auch die anderen, die Veränderungen sehr skeptisch gegenüberstehen.

Zwei Präsentationen im Rahmen der Veranstaltung "Internet und seelische Gesundheit" (10.05.2018)

Conference Documentation: Algorithmic Regimes and Generative Strategies

Here are the videos of all the talks and discussions at the Algorithmic Regimes and Generative Strategies - On Regulatory Politics of Code and Machines. Friday, September 25. 2015, University of Technology ViennaConference, Vienna, 25.09.2015

Algorithmic Regimes Conference Opening

Felix Stalder and Konrad Becker: Opening and Welcome

25.09. Algorithmic Regimes and Generative Strategies (Vienna)

Algo_Konf_logo I'm very proud to announce our new conference by the World Information Institute, in cooperation with the Institute for Design & Assessment of Technology at the Vienna University of Technology, Faculty of Informatics.

Full details:
Englisch and Deutsch

Update: Konferenz Reviews:

All Watched Over by Algorithms, Panel at Transmediale 2015

This is the introduction to the panel I moderated at transmediale 2015, Capture all. It is followed by presentations of Matteo Pasquinelli, Antoinette Rouvroy, and Evgeny Mozorow, followed by a general discussion. Well worth watching the whole thing!

Transparency & Power

My talk at the "Eindruck der Dunkelheit" conference in Berlin, Jan 25/26.2014.

In the talk, I focussed on different types of power and how they relate to transparency. Put simply, transprancy (visibility + accountability) is great to put a check on "institutional power", but not very helpful to regulate "network power. On the contrary, it helps to increase such power. The discussion, which starts after 30 min, mainly dealt with questions of regulation and what to do to counter "network power".

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