To: nettime-l {AT}
Subject: and the GDPR, sort of
From: nettime mod squad
Date: Fri, 25 May 2018 19:51:41 +0200

Dear Nettimers,

Most of us have been drowning in emails asking us to confirm or simply continue to consent to being part of this or that mailing list, newsletter, etc.

Now that the deadline has passed and the laws are in place, it's as good a time as any to remind everyone that isn't a legal entity. It can't have (let alone enforce) a meaningful data-use or data-protection policy beyond what's stated in the footer of every nettime post, including this one. Since February of 1996, that footer has said -- 22 years ahead of the GDPR -- "no commercial use without permission."

We don't collect, store, or use personal data beyond the email address which you provided to us by subscribing. To this address we send out a copy of every email sent to the list. And, as the footer states, nettime's Twitter bot, {AT} nettime_bot, tweets email with the sender info unless #ANON is in Subject:". We don't know if that address belongs to you, your dog, or a bot. We don't track whether the email actually arrives, let alone if anyone or
anything reads it. If you want us to think that you actually exist, you have to write something to the list.

However, we also don't protect that data. Anything you send to the list, will automatically end up in the public archive. If you include personal information in your email -- for example a telephone number in your signature -- it'll end up in that public archive. Anyone who wants to can create their own archive, and make it public or private however they like. Quite a few exist, with no known connection to the list itself.

So, in the spirit of 1995, we don't track you -- but you own your own words. Use them wisely.

-- the mod squad (Felix Stalder and Ted Byfield)

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