Update 27.01.2015. David Charles has published, great extensive summaries Who Will Cook Capitalism?; Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-Exist?; Power and “Social Gravity”; Data Distasters

It is generally known that, while we engage with social media platforms, all data is stored and meticulously analyzed to eventually bring corporations, intelligence agencies and governments enormous profits and to increase their power. In the future, Internet giants like Google will earn money simply from knowing every detail about their users and their daily-lives. The venue of this business model is no longer the virtual world, but the real world. Fiber optic lines, drones, Google Glass, intelligent clothing, robots and automated vehicles serve only one clear goal: to gain direct access to our lives.

How can we avert this threat? Regulation, legislation, democratic control? How can we all contribute?

Shoshana Zuboff (us) - via Videostream
Micah Lee (us)
Miriam Rasch (nl)
Felix Stalder (ch)

Moderation: Daniel Erlacher (Elevate)

Panel discussion at the Elevate Festival, 2014