I am participating, together with Gordan Savicic, in a mixed reality project by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler, performance on April 18. 19:00 at the Donaufestival Krems.


The metabolism between the inner nature of humans and the nature surrounding them is dysfunctional. In an age of accelerating extractivism, we seem to have become aliens in an environment that we rely on for survival but is steadily fighting back against our behaviour. The mixed-reality performance Like a Ray in Search of its Mirror responds to this rift in the world with a planetary diversity in search of “alien collectives.” Besides the human participants, also plants, fungi, microbes, animals, inorganic and synthetic matter, tools, and technologies populate a virtual space as a cosmological, closely knit community. A virtual membrane between the Internet and the real space of Forum Frohner invites unexpected encounters. During the performance, the meshwork of on-site feeds from the exhibition space is collected and edited live by a video artist, and the resulting stream is broadcasted on various online channels. After the performance, Like a Ray in Search of its Mirror is shown as an exhibition during donaufestival.

MC: Marian Kaiser, media theorist, dramaturge, author.  Fahim Amir, philosopher. Martina De Dominicis & Alberto Cissello [debocs]. Performers. Giuliana Furci, mycologist [live from Santiago de Chile]. Daniela Gandorfer, law & governance scholar [live from London]. Thomas Nail, philosopher [live from Denver]. Agostino Nickl, architect, AI researcher. Patricia Reed, artist & theorist. Maggie Roberts [0rphan Drift], artist [live from London]. Yuka Takahashi, performer [live from Columbus]. A Waldrapp bird & Gordan Savičić, artist, & Felix Stalder, media theorist.