After 25 years (!) of moderation and other near-daily caretaking work by Ted Byfield and myself, a fresh crew has taken over the nettime mailing list. It's not easy to step into a project that has such a long history, so I'm grateful to Jordan Crandall, Menno de Groot, Christian Swerz, and Paul van der Velt to step up and take on all the janitorial tasks that are necessary to run a social project -- online or offline.

I'm sure they will not simply maintain the list and the community, but infuse it with new life and give it their own direction.

You can read their announcement "new mods, new nettime-l". Our friends from, a non-profit netculture initiative in Linz. Austria, provide hosting.

it's hard to overstate how important the list has been for me, intellectually, but also professionally, personally, socially, and emotionally.

And still is, but now as a simple subscriber and occasional contributor to the list.