Athens: Embros Theater, March 4 

“Civilization, Technology and Consciousness” Peter Lamborn Wilson / Hakim Bey

A video by World-Information.Net, Konrad Becker/Felix Stalder  Camera: Fred Barney Taylor, NY Support: Jim Fleming, Lewanne Jones, Postproduction: Georg Schütz, Sound: Konrad Becker, (57min. 2022)

In his last interview, conducted during the global pandemic, anarchist researcher and cultural theorist Peter Lamborn Wilson/Hakim Bay looks back and forward at the same time. He draws a wide arc through the history of civilization, technology and consciousness. The focus is on the current tendency to narrow and flatten the imagination due to the global expansion of consumerism and increasing abstraction and quantification as the basis of social worlds. Which perspectives of radical alternatives can be thought of against the status quo and right-wing extremism?

Lamborn-Wilson not only formulates criticism, but explores other ways of being in the world, more immediate, full of wonder and free from oppressive domination.

A “cyberguru” in the 90’s, he deliberately didn’t have an email address and wrote his pieces by hand or with an old typewriter. As the author of “Temporary Autonomous Zone” and dozens of other books, including titles like “Pirate Utopia”, he inspired several generations. He died one day after the last recording of this interview in May 2022.