TECHNOPOLITICS sets up a CURATED KNOWLEDGE SPACE that offers a discursive framework for exploring the genesis and current configuration of the information society.

The main visual element of the TECHNOPOLITICS TIMELINE is a large-scale print that traces the evolution of our shared techno-cultural realities. The Timeline’s 500 entries draw attention to different events and genealogies from the fields of art, culture, media, politics, economy, technology, and social life that have been relevant for the shaping of the information society.
The project’s common objective is to investigate from a critical, explorative standpoint the heterogenic historical processes that are structured by techno-economic paradigms. A workshop and discussion program focuses on trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural conversations to connect these processes to the cultural forms of the respective historical moment and place.


June 21,3-8pm
Workshop 1 »The Timeline & The Curated Knowledge Space«
June 22, 3-8pm
Workshop 2 »Editing the Hong Kong Timeline«

June 23, 7pm
Opening of the exhibition / panel discussion

June 24, 5-6pm
Timelines and graphs: Reading the network diagrams
by Doron Goldfarb

Narrating the Timeline: Hybrid (hi)stories
by TECHNOPOLITICS working group

June 26, 7pm
Mindreading/Thought Transmission, video & lecture by Margarete Jahrmann

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