There has been a number of reviews of our paper "Personal Web searching in the age of semantic capitalism."

  • The first was a very thorough summary in Search Engine Land (14.02).
  • Ethan Zuckerman published an interesting, though weirdly titled -- " In Soviet Russia, Google researches you" -- review (24.03) in which he pointed out that
    personalization is disturbing to the extent to which it separates us from the real, true, stable search results, the ur-results Google is withholding from us in the hopes of selling us ads for effectively… but even more disturbing is the idea that there’s no solid ground, no single set of best results Google could deliver, even if it wanted to.
  • Zuckermann's review was picked up and slightly mangled by the German newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (28.03).
  • Martin Feuz and I wrote a short summary of the paper for the Swiss newspaper NZZ (07.04).
  • MIT Technology Review (11.04) published a piece called "How Useful Is Personalized Search?" focusing on our finding that the there is lots of quantitative change in personalization, but rather limited qualitative. (Also available in German.)
  • T3N, a German Web and Social Media Magazine had a long discussion, calling the paper a study on search engine optimization (which it really was not), other than that, it article is fairly precise.
  • We also gave a number of radio interviews: I gave one for DRadio Wissen (08.04) and Martin one for IEEE Spectrum (15.04) which is also available as transcript.