Information Ecology (1997)

This is a very old text. In fact, one of the first I've ever written, from 1997. I re-post it here because it has now been included in the new MIT Publication "Information" (edited by Sarah Cook), which is "one of a series documenting major themes and ideas in contemporary art." Unfortunately, there was a mistake in editing and now it appears erroneously as "information economy". Similar, but not quite the same :)

It's still a good text, even if the McLuhanite language feels a heavy. But as a historic document I'm happy to see it re-published, particularly now that "ecological approaches" to media are once again becoming popular.

Information Ecology

A position paper (version 1.0) McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, FIS, UofT, 1997

"New media are not bridges between man and nature: they are nature." Marshall McLuhan, 1969

Media build an integrated environment based on flows of information. Increasingly, this environment provides the primary setting for human agency. Information ecology aims at understanding the properties of this environment in order to use its potential, avoid its dangers and influence its development positively.

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